The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Meniscus Injuries

Do you have a meniscus injury and wondering how stem cell therapy could help? The best part about turning to regenerative stem cell therapy and physical therapy treatment plans before surgery is eliminating the risks and side effects patients experience with surgery. Surgery is not only invasive, but it means long recovery times, [...]

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Meniscal Regeneration with Stem Cell Therapy

Have you thought about meniscal regeneration with stem cell therapy for your meniscal injury? “Meniscus damage is one of the most common injuries seen by orthopaedic surgeons, with an annual incidence of 66 to 70 per 100,000 people. Meniscal tears can be caused by trauma or degenerative disease,” writes the National Institutes of Health (NIH). [...]

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How the Meniscus Heals with Stem Cell Therapy

Do You Have a Meniscus Injury? If you have been diagnosed with a meniscus injury and think surgery is your only option, get another opinion. Removal of meniscus through surgical intervention can cause you permanent side effects. Find out first if you are a candidate for regenerative stem cell therapy in conjunction with [...]

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